FAQ's - Sage Order Importer

FAQ's that apply only to Sage Order Importer

Which versions of Sage Accounts is the software compatible with?

The software is compatible with:

  • Sage Instant Accounts Versions 15 onwards
  • Sage Line 50 Versions 10 onwards
  • Sage 50 Accounts Versions 2008
  • Sage 50 C & Sage 50 Cloud (Excluding Sage 50 USA & Canada).
What are the system requirements?

Required software:

Will Sage Order Importer work with my shopping cart, CMS or database?

Sage Order Importer is very versatile and can integrate with and import data from many types of data source, from XML, CSV and Excel files to databases and internet http web pages, so the chances are that it will with your system.

You can download a trial and test with the supplied sample files and if you are still unsure speak to your web developer or system provider who should be able to advise, if they are unsure get them to contact us as we can discuss further.

Can orders be associated with specific Sage customer accounts?

Yes they can if the job is configured to "Find/Create" customer accounts.

When saving orders to Sage using the "Find/Create" configuration the Sage customer accounts are checked for an account number matching the CustomerID or SageAccount field of each order. If a matching account is found that’s the customer the order will be posted under. If no matching account is found a new customer account will be created to post the order under.

I have multiple companies in Sage Accounts; will Order Importer support this?

Yes, Order Importers architecture is based on “Jobs”, you define a job which contains settings telling the program where to download orders and which company within Sage Line 50 to save those orders, these settings are specific to each job.

You can define a separate job for each company and Order Importer imposes no limitations on the number of jobs you can have.

Do I need to change my web site for Sage Order Importer to work?

You don’t need to change your site at all, if you decide to have Order Importer download from your site using the HTTP option all that’s required is the addition of two new pages.

One of these pages feeds Order Importer orders in XML format and the other page is for Order Importer to post notifications to your site letting it know which order have been successfully downloaded.

These pages can be written using any programming language, sample pages are available and we are happy to work with you or your web developer to aid setting these pages up.

How do I implement my own retrieval and notification pages?

We have sample files available for download; these provide examples of creating the XML data that Sage Order Importer expects when it's configured to download orders from an HTTP web page.

See Sage Order Importer > Developers

Will the software work on my network?

Yes, the software is compatible with network based installations of Sage. The application can even be installed on a computer that does not have Sage installed.