Order Importer - Licensing

Order Importer is available in three editions:




The trial edition has the same features as the standard edition and is fully functional for 30 days from its first use, this allows time for you to evaluate the software and decide if you wish to purchase a subscription. if you purchase a subscription you can register the software using your serial number, this converts the trial edition into the standard or developer edition depending on the serial number, this is done without the need to reinstall the software.


Once the trial has expired the software will stay functional but will run in unregistered mode and not save anything to sage, this mode is similar to the developer edition.




The standard edition is for general day to day use for importing and saving order data into sage, all features are fully enabled. the software operates on a subscription basis, you pay for one years subscription at a time. the standard edition requires activation after its been registered with a serial number and can only be installed on a single computer, to install it on a different computer you must deactivate the software with the Transfer License command, this is also automatically called during an uninstall via the windows control panel.




The developer edition has all features enabled apart from the ability to connect to sage, this edition is useful to developers who wish to test their integration works with Order Importer on behalf of a client who is using the standard edition. you can still import order as normal but the save to sage is simulated only.


The developer edition does not require activation and can be installed on as many computers as you like.


If you are a developer and would like a serial number contact customer services via our website.