Order Importer - Transfer License

The Transfer License command is accessible vie the applications help menu if your copy of the software has been activated, the license agreement stipulates that the software can only be used on a one computer per serial number.


if you need to install the software on a new computer you must first run the Transfer License command to deactivate the software on the first computer.


Failure to do this will cause the activation on your new computer to fail, if this happens you would need to reinstall and activate the software on the first computer in order to run the Transfer License command.


We understand that its easy to forget to do these things so to minimize the chances of this happening the Transfer License command is called automatically when you uninstall the software using the windows control panel.


If you sell or give away your old computer without first deactivating the software you are providing a third party with a fully licensed copy of the software, in this scenario you are effectively also selling or giving away your license to use the software.