Order Importer - Manage Stock

Order Importer has the ability to manage product stock levels within Sage when posting Sales Orders or Invoices, this feature is not enabled by default, to enable stock management you need to edit your job and check the "Manage Stock" checkbox in the advanced options screen.


Stock management is handled differently depending on whether your creating Sales Orders or Invoices.


Sales Orders


When creating a sales order any applicable stock items are allocated to the sales order and the orders allocated status is set to FULL. Allocated stock cannot be used for any other purpose unless the amend function in sage is used to change the allocation levels of the order.




When creating invoices the in stock level of the stock items is decreased as applicable based on the invoice item contents and the invoices posted status is set.



When there is insufficient stock


Whether you are creating sales orders or invoices Order Importer will handle insufficient stock the same, if your company preferences settings in sage allow negative stock the order is processed as normal. if negative stock is not enabled and there is insufficient stock for any items in the order then the order will not be saved,  Order Importer will hold onto the order in its failed order section until such times as sufficient stock items are available.