Order Importer - Logging

Sometimes your scheduled task will run without errors but no data is downloaded and saved to sage, even though you can open the application and manually run the job without problems. the reason for this is there are times when issues environmental to your system can stop the application at some random point during task execution.


Assuming you have ruled out the obvious possibility that there are no new orders to save to sage this scenario can be difficult to debug. For this reason it is possible to log the application progress in executing the task by adding the /log switch to the "Add Arguments" field, for example:


/All /log


this has the effect of logging progress at key point in the execution to the Windows Event Log, you can then run the task and review the results using the Order Importers Error Logs > View Windows Events screen shown below






Clicking the export button will export this data to an html file similar to what's shown below that you can sent to our support engineers to review, knowing where in the process the scheduled task is failing narrows the problem down and helps us considerably when providing you with support.


Sample Export:


07/03/2012 13:29:58Sub Main() Start
07/03/2012 13:29:58Check proxy settings
07/03/2012 13:29:58Check license
07/03/2012 13:30:01LoadData() Start
07/03/2012 13:30:01LoadData() End
07/03/2012 13:30:01CheckData() Start
07/03/2012 13:30:01CheckData() End
07/03/2012 13:30:01CommandLineArgs=/All /log
07/03/2012 13:30:01RetrieveOrders Start, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:01HttpImporter.ImportOrders Start, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02HttpImporter.AddXmlDataToOrders Start, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02HttpImporter.AddXmlDataToOrders End, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02BaseImporter.FinishImport Start, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02SaveData() Start
07/03/2012 13:30:02SaveData() End
07/03/2012 13:30:02BaseImporter.FinishImport End, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02HttpImporter.NotifyHTTP Start, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02HttpImporter.ImportOrders End, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02RetrieveOrders End, Job=Demo Job
07/03/2012 13:30:02Sub Main() End