Order Importer - Discounts

Discounts can be defined on the Order and OrderItems, each of these objects have a field called "Discount", this field should be set to the percentage of discount desired, for example the value of 10 will apply a discount of 10%


The discounts defined are accumulative, this means that the final discount rate applied to each order item is calculated by adding the Order and OrderItem discount rates together, for example if you have an order  containing multiple items and set the orders discount rate to 10% and set one of the order items discount rate to 5% the final result will be all items in the order will be discounted by 10% apart from the order item set at 5%, that item will be discounted by 15% which is the 5% define on the item  plus the 10% define on the order.



Discounting By Literal Monetary Value


If you don't want to work with percentage rates the Order & OrderItem objects have a DiscountAmount field that you can set the the literal value, for example to discount a particular product by £10.45 you can set the DiscountAmount field to 10.45. the Discount field takes priority when both this and the DiscountAmount field are set, so to use the DiscountAmount make sure you don't set any value in the Discount field, during initial import the Discount field will be populated dynamically based on the value defined in the DiscountAmount field. also please note that the DiscountAmount value is applied on a per item basis, if the quantity ordered on the OrderItem is more than one then each order item will be discounted individually using the DiscountAmount value, or to put it another way if the Quantity = 2 and the DiscountAmount = 10 then the total discount amount applied to the order item will be £20.




If a Sage customer record for the order is found during the save to sage procedure and that customer has a discount percentage defined then this will be used also, any Discount value defined as above will be appended any discount percentage defined on the customer record.