Exporter - Word Mail Merge

Data for Word Mail Merge is saved to a CSV file create in the same directory as the target Word Document, the CSV file uses the same name as the Word document, for example the CSV file for a Word document called MyLetter.doc will be called MyLetter.csv.


A data link to the CSV file is created in the Word document linking it to the CSV data, each time the Word document is opened in Word the CSV data and all its fields are available for insertion from the Word Mail Merge menu items.


The screen shown in Fig 1 is where you define the options for exporting data to Word documents.




Word Document

Type a path to the desired word document, or use one of the buttons to create or select a word document.


Open document after export

If selected the file(s) will be opened after they are created, assumes you have Microsoft Word or a Word compatible application installed.