Exporter - FTP

You can export Sage data to an FTP server, the screen shown in Fig 1 is where you define the options for exporting data to FTP.


Fig 1

Fig 1


FTP Connection

Use to select an FTP Connection you want your images exported to. see FTP Connections for more details.


Upload Path

Use to specify the remote directory you want your files exported to, you can click the select button to browse the directory structure on the FTP server and select the desired directory.



Specify whether you want to send your data as CSV or XML files.


Upload As a Zipfile

By default multiple attachments in the raw CSV or XML format will be attached, checking this box will cause a single zip archive containing the files in a compressed state to be sent, this is handy for keeping files size low for emailing and also for security reasons the only file type accepted by some mail servers are zip files or similar.


CSV Format Options

These are the same as outlined on the CSV job settings page.