Exporter - Export Updated Data Only

The application keeps a track of the date & time each job was last exported, this can be used to filter in and export only data changed since the previous export.


Date Exports

When this is applied to data exports only those Sage tables that contain the field RECORD_MODIFY_DATE are compatible, if the table does not contain this field no filter will be applied, see Sage Tables for details on which tables contain this field and which ones don't.



The RECORD_MODIFY_DATE field was only introduced into Sage with the release of Sage 50 Accounts 2009, in earlier version of Sage none of the tables will contain the field. filtering for modified data is only possible in version 2009 onwards.


if we get enough requests from users we may consider building in support for this for users using older version of Sage, it really depends on how much demand there is for it.


Image Exports

The image directory containing your sage product images are scanned and all the created/modified dates are compared with the jobs last exported date to decide if the image has be added or changed since the previous export, there are no limitations based on your Sage version when exporting images.