Exporter - Define Your First Job

This section of the documentation will serve as a quick tutorial to walk you through the steps required in  setting up a simple job, in this tutorial we will define a job to export the product data from the sage demo data to a CSV file.


This tutorial assumes you are beginning with no jobs, categories or Sage connection yet defined, if this is not the case you can adapt your path through the tutorial accordingly.


Defining the job


1.Start by clicking the New Job button on the main toolbar

2.In the job editor screen give the job a name of "My New Job"

3.Click the Add/Edit button to add a new category

4.In the category editor type "My New Category" into the bottom row of the grid and click OK

5.Select the new category form the category list

6.Click the Add/Edit button to add a new Sage connection

7.In the Sage connection editor click the new button to add a new connection, your system will be scanned for Sage data in all the common locations, if found the data path is automatically set, otherwise you will have to browse and select your data path manually. after the data path is set select company from the company drop down list, define your user name & password then click OK

8.Select the new Sage connection form the connection list

9.Select CSV File from the Export To drop down list then click Next

10. Now you are in the date selection stage of the wizard, in the blank grid row select "Products" from the Sage Data column and a new row is added to the grid.

11. Click the Filter/Preview button in the new grid row and the filters editor will open, immediately click the Preview button to preview the unfiltered data.

12. Next right click any cell under the SALES_PRICE column and select "Filter By Selection". a new filter row is added to the filters grid, change the Operator to "More Than" and the Value to "100", then click the Preview button again to see the filtered results, only product with a sales price higher then £100 are shown.

13. Click OK so save and close the filter editor

14. We are back in the main wizard now, click next to continue.

15. Now we are on the CSV setting stage of the wizard, click the button in the right hand side of the Save In text box and select a directory to save the CSV file to, alternativly you can type/copy & past the path.

16. Next click the "Open document after export" check box, this will make exporter open the CSV file after its created.

17. Click Next in the wizard then click Finish


Running the job


1.Make sure the new job is selected in the left hand job list and click the "Export" button on the main toolbar

2.Assuming you left the "Preview on export" check box selected the preview data screen will appear, review the data then click the ok button

3.That's your first export completed.